We are looking for a student with an interest in backend development!

Lamaro Digital is a young company that deals with web development and mobile solutions in the field of e-learning and e-publishing.

We are looking for creative and responsible students with experience or interest in backend development at our office in Osijek. You will program in Java and will use Spring Framework with it. If you do not have the experience, dont hesitate, you’ll start tutorials, implement simpler functionalities and write tests.

It is desirable:
– basic knowledge of object oriented programming
– basic knowledge of relational databases and SQL
– resourcefulness

What do we offer you?
– sliding working hours
– Ssper team and mentorship
– work with the most popular practices: scrum, continuos integration, automatic testing and the like

If you are interested, sign up at posao@lamarodigital.com to get to know each other.

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