TookBook on Windows 10 – soon!

Since we are dedicated to finding optimal ways of integrating digital technologies into educational processes, we turn to e-learning and e-publishing. Because of our mission and vision, we are often reporting on a variety tender within public calls. The aim of these tenders is to create something new, creative and technologically challenging for the Croatian market.

In July 2017, a project entitled “The technology of eBooks development with the aim of improving reading and self-publishing” was approved for us. We reported this project as part of the public call of the Ministry of Culture. The public call was referred to the program “Entrepreneurship in culture for the field of publishing and bookselling in 2017”

Within the project, we have “targeted” the technological challenges associated with the first and only eLibrary of such content – TookBook.  TookBook has “come alive” in 2013. In these five years, we have had the opportunity to learn and listen to our consumers and their desires and needs. We realized that during the time has appeared a need to read eBooks on larger screens. Some users have a weaker eyesight and reading on large screens is a great help. Then, the other users just love to read on larger screens.

We came to the conclusion – we need a bigger screen! The main goal is for our users to be happy. However, we became aware of the fact that this platform could lead to those users who do not own a smart device. That was one of the main goals of stepping into this project. We became aware of the fact that this platform could lead to those users who do not own a smart device. We are also aware of various statistical reports. Although according to the GFK survey (2018) there is an increase in reading books, Croatia still does not read enough. Therefore, the goal of this project was to create an application, all with the aim of improving reading in Croatia.

Finally, thanks to the mentioned project, ie to the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and their public call, we have started making the app for the Universal Windows – Windows 10 platform.

TookBook on Windows 10!


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